Consultant Spotlight: Janet Butler

Our consultants are important to us at TrainingPros. That’s why I like to include posts that may help our consultants with their careers. In this post, I’m posting an interview with Janet Butler, one of TrainingPros’ top consultants. She shares her insights on finding work.

Janet Butler

Question:  You’ve been placed as a consultant with several TrainingPros’ clients that have become “Raving Fans” of yours. They call us specifically asking if you’re available. Is there one specific behavior or attitude that is the key to your success?

Answer:  My main focus is providing the best possible service to every client. That means I make myself available whenever they need me (including nights and weekends), and no task is too menial for me to complete. Having a can-do attitude and a service mentality are the keys to my ongoing relationships with many TrainingPros clients.

Question: It has been a tough economy for contractors lately but you’ve managed to stay busy. Is there any advice you’d give to contractors that are having trouble finding work?

Answer: Network, network, network. Also, be open to finding opportunities in everyday places. I mention the type of work I do to people I encounter all over—at parties, in the bleachers at my kids’ sporting events, and even when I’m on the plane for business or on vacation. Those casual encounters can turn into strong business leads.

Question:  What do you like best about working with TrainingPros over other staffing companies?  (shameless plug here)

Answer: During my 15+ years as a consultant, TrainingPros is the only staffing company I would consider working with. Steve and his team are the ultimate professionals, and their clients place a high value on the training services I love to provide. You could say that I’m a “Raving Fan” of TrainingPros!

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