Getting a Great Start on a New Contract

Congratulations! You’ve won the contract. You out-interviewed several other contractors. Now it’s time for the first day on the contract. I’ve seen many consultants do a great job landing the position, only to make mistakes the first week and lose the assignment. First Impression In performance reviews I’m sure many of you have heard of … Continue reading

Employee Learning Week – An Update

As promised, I reached out to clients and colleagues alike to offer my help for Employee Learning Week. I was very, very happy at the number of companies that are interested in acknowledging this week. As one VP put it – “We’re really busy and we don’t have time for anything else on our calendar….but … Continue reading

ASTD Leadership Conference 2010

I frequently get asked the question, “Why do you do so much volunteer work for ASTD?” There are many answers to that question. First, my two sets of customers (clients and consultants) are both served by the professional development available through ASTD. I therefore believe that by volunteering for the organization I’m serving my customer … Continue reading

Contractor Preference: Results of an Un-Scientific Poll

Recently, I invited independent learning consultants to rank order a few items they consider when offered a contract position. The items to choose from were: Location Ability to Telecommute Rate of Pay Interesting Work Reputation of the Client Relationship with Recruiter Trustworthiness of the Agency My assumption before opening the poll was that Rate of … Continue reading

Consultant Spotlight: Mona Houston

October’s Consultant Spotlight features Mona Houston. Mona has been a TrainingPros consultant for three years and stays very busy. Question: You are always up to date on eLearning platforms. This makes you a better match for most eLearning design positions. How do you stay up to date? Answer: I think it is very important to … Continue reading

New Volunteer – Margaret Phiri

Margaret generously answered my call for a new volunteer to do graphics work. Margaret is launching her own graphics company and is happy to donate some free time in exchange for exposure in our local ASTD Chapter. Hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas, Margaret has been a proud resident of Atlanta for the past decade. Over … Continue reading

You’ve gotten the interview, now what….

Congratulations! TrainingPros or some other staffing agency has called you and asked you to interview with one of their clients. Newer consultants might think that the job is in the bag because their resume is a good match. However, seasoned consultants know that the interview is only an opportunity to “sell” themselves as a perfect … Continue reading

Employee Learning Week is Approaching

The first question you may be asking is “What is Employee Learning Week?” (At least that’s what I asked.) Employee Learning Week (or ELW) is a campaign started and sponsored by the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) to increase awareness and highlight the important connection between learning and achieving organizational results. If you have … Continue reading