Employee Learning Week is Approaching

The first question you may be asking is “What is Employee Learning Week?” (At least that’s what I asked.) Employee Learning Week (or ELW) is a campaign started and sponsored by the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) to increase awareness and highlight the important connection between learning and achieving organizational results. If you have been a learning professional for any length of time you realize that this is an ongoing message that we need to broadcast.

However, that’s not enough information to understand ELW. In this blog, I attempt to answer a few questions and maybe even spark a few more.

When is ELW?

December 6 – 10, 2010

Where does ELW take place?

Employee Learning Week can happen anywhere. It’s up to us as Learning Professionals to put together events or awareness campaigns in our own workplaces. You can have some sort of information event in your office, you can plan something special for the workplace learning professionals in your company, or you can do something like a learning campaign all week for the employees in your company. Most of you can probably come up with something very creative.

Why should we participate?

This is your organization’s chance to demonstrate to their employees and to potential future employees that they are committed to employee learning. As a Learning Professional, it’s your chance to have your hard work recognized by your organization, by other Learning Professionals, and by the community.

What are some examples of what companies have done in the past?

Children’s Aid and Family Services scheduled a Trainer Appreciate Luncheon at which the CEO and other leaders recognized the impact and importance of the learning and development initiatives that were implemented over the prior year.

Beechwood Continuing Care sent tips on accelerated learning to employees throughout the week and recognized in a newsletter all employees that had completed their required training.

Children’s Memorial Hospital did multiple activities including:

  • sending learning tips to employees
  • hosting demonstrations of special courses
  • offering webinars about using the LMS and eLearning library
  • offering a workshop on Emotional Intelligence
  • hold open houses for Toastmasters and the Learning Center
  • hosted on-site demonstrations by a computer training provider

Aetna Health promoted ELW by:

  • recognizing the event in a company meeting
  • posting flyers throughout the building
  • sending out a learning survey to determine needs and interests for professional development
  • send out daily “Did You Know” facts
  • provide an ELW cake in the break room

These are just a few samples from what I’ve read.

What about Atlanta companies?

OK – maybe you didn’t ask that question, but I’m answering it anyway. A team of people at the Greater Atlanta ASTD Chapter have put together some great benefits to companies that are participating in ELW. Here are some of the great things that will be happening:

  • Share your company plans through the chapter’s social networking tool
  • Recognition in press releases
  • Recognition on the ASTD Atlanta website
  • Recognition at the December 6th Chapter Meeting
  • Receive this great award:

I’ll be consulting with my clients on how they can best celebrate Employee Learning Week and perhaps receive some great PR to showcase their hard work. If you have further questions about Employee Learning Week, go to the ASTD Atlanta web site.

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  1. TWright says:

    Excellent content. I am an entry level TP&I, Training and Performance Improvement Specialist. Great website, and the content helps put everything into perspective.

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