Consultant Spotlight: Mona Houston

Mona Houston

October’s Consultant Spotlight features Mona Houston. Mona has been a TrainingPros consultant for three years and stays very busy.

Question: You are always up to date on eLearning platforms. This makes you a better match for most eLearning design positions. How do you stay up to date?

Answer: I think it is very important to be well versed and up to date on the latest eLearning platforms. I stay up to date by keeping up with the latest trends via the eLearning Guild and attending eLearning conferences.

Question: You stay with each of your clients for a long time. What is your secret to making the clients want to keep you on board?

Answer: It is very important to me that I always give the client the highest quality work, as well as good work ethics. My goal is to please the client and exceed their expectations. It is also important to me to be as honest and upfront with the client at all times. 

Question: Do you prefer full time, on-site work or sporadic work from home assignments? Why?

Answer: I prefer full-time contract work where I can work from home because I really like the flexibility. Most of the time when you work from home you are able to set your own hours as long as you meet your deadlines. However, sometimes I like working on-site because you are able to interact and meet new people.   

Question: How do you go about finding your next contract assignment?

Answer: I have been very fortunate in meeting some wonderful people during contract assignments. I feel that is important to maintain good relationships with both employers and fellow contractors. Most of my assignments come from former employers and fellow contractors whom I have met during various contract assignments.

Question: What is the most important aspect to you when considering an assignment?

Answer: The most important aspect to me when considering an assignment is the type of work. I thoroughly enjoy eLearning projects and I get extremely excited when I know I will be involved in both the design and development aspect of an eLearning project. It is sometimes hard to believe that I’m actually getting paid to do something that I sincerely enjoy and love!

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