New Volunteer – Margaret Phiri

Margaret generously answered my call for a new volunteer to do graphics work. Margaret is launching her own graphics company and is happy to donate some free time in exchange for exposure in our local ASTD Chapter.

Hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas, Margaret has been a proud resident of Atlanta for the past decade. Over that time, she has had extensive experience in working in the field of information technology, finance and sales with such Atlanta organizations as General Electric Power Systems, PepsiCo and Automatic Data Processing (ADP). Margaret’s true passion is program design which became evident to her team at ADP. Not long after joining ADP as a successful Sales Training Coordinator, Margaret was promoted to the position of Program Designer and played a key role in the design, development and publishing of the organization’s sales training materials, online tutorials and collateral materials. In 2010, Margaret decided to combine her rich interpersonal skills and big picture logic with her undeniable graphic and creative talents to launch out on her own. She is now the owner and CEO of mPrint Creations which is a full service social media marketing firm offering website development, graphic design, web hosting, social media strategy, internet marketing and virtual assistance.

In Margaret’s spare time, she enjoys volunteering for African Sisters for Information Knowledge and Empowerment (ASIKE), a foundation in support of education and empowerment of girls and women in third world nations. She also loves volleyball and mixed martial arts.

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