Contractor Preference: Results of an Un-Scientific Poll

Recently, I invited independent learning consultants to rank order a few items they consider when offered a contract position. The items to choose from were:

  • Location
  • Ability to Telecommute
  • Rate of Pay
  • Interesting Work
  • Reputation of the Client
  • Relationship with Recruiter
  • Trustworthiness of the Agency

My assumption before opening the poll was that Rate of Pay or Ability to Telecommute would rank #1. Very surprisingly, the most important aspect of a contract according to those responding was Interesting Work.

The second most important aspect as ranked by the responding consultants was rate of pay followed closely by location of the contract.
Finally, the least important thing to consider when selecting a new contract was more spread out. The responses ranged across location, ability to telecommute, and rate of pay.

If you’d like to add your vote to this poll, I’ll be checking it again in a few months. Go to the poll by clicking this link.

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