ASTD Leadership Conference 2010

I frequently get asked the question, “Why do you do so much volunteer work for ASTD?” There are many answers to that question. First, my two sets of customers (clients and consultants) are both served by the professional development available through ASTD. I therefore believe that by volunteering for the organization I’m serving my customer groups. The second reason is that I get to meet so many more people than I would normally meet by just attending meetings. Not only do I meet these people, but I get to work closely with them and form a bond as you would with a co-worker. The third reason – and this is a recent one for me – is that I get to attend the ASTD Leader’s Conference (ALC) every fall in Washington DC.
What is the ALC?
The ALC is an annual conference exclusively for ASTD chapter leaders. Current and upcoming board members are invited to attend this conference to network with fellow chapter leaders and share best practices for running an ASTD chapter. In addition, there are some top speakers in our industry speaking every year.

A Packed House Listens to Dr. Jack Phillips

Speaking at ALC

Andy Cook from Eastern Pennsylvania Teaches Other Leaders

Each year, dozens of chapter leaders are able to run a 1 ½ hour session on some topic relevant to running a chapter or improving your own professionalism in workplace learning. To be chosen to speak is a great honor. Members of ASTD Greater Atlanta are chosen often because our chapter is one of the largest in the nation. Of particular interest are our SIG/GIG programs, our Community Service programs, and our Professional Development (CPLP) programs. Our leaders have had the opportunity to share our practices with other chapters.





Networking at ALC


Hundreds of other chapter leaders attend the conference. Exchanging business cards is encouraged. There are many opportunities to meet, work together on assignments in class, eat meals together, and socialize after the daily program ends. Over the past two years I have met many people that I communicate with consistently.  


Steve Kapaun from Atlanta


Kim Ziprik and Kelley Vandiver

Team Building at ALC


Each year Atlanta sends almost its whole Executive Board for the next year to ALC with very few exceptions. There are four reasons I believe we send so many:

  1. It’s a great opportunity to learn how to do your new job on the board.
  2. It’s a great reward for all the many hours of volunteer service.
  3. We just plain like having the most people in attendance.
  4. It’s a great chance for us to come together as a team and really get to know each other.

During the day, we are encouraged to separate and meet other people. We try to find other leaders in our specific role and exchange ideas. However, each evening, we have the opportunity to do some team building activities. Some years we go to unique restaurants.


Dr. Sue Lind, Don Bolen, and Jack Massa

This year we went on a scavenger hunt. We divided into three teams and had to find items like Ramen Noodles, take photos of ourselves doing interesting things like sitting on a statue, and find out Washington DC trivia without using Google. (This usually involved asking total strangers questions on the street.) Once you completed the scavenger hunt, your team was to meet at a designated restaurant for a dinner with the whole chapter. It was a race to the finish. 



Anne Power, Cecil Fricano, Kim Ziprik, Tonette White, and Leigh Anne Lankford

ALC Goes High Tech

This year there was a new element to ALC…..Twitter. People with Twitter accounts could follow along discussions about what was happening in each of the breakout sessions using an official ALC hashtag. It was interesting finding out which sessions were going extremely well by watching the tweets.


Kelley Vandiver was a regular "tweeter"

Top Speakers at ALC

Each year there are several keynote speakers at ALC. Often these speakers are top names in our industry. ALC is a great opportunity to meet, talk with, and get autographs from our industry icons. So far I’ve seen Thiagi, Tony Bingham, Bob Pike, and Jack Phillips. I can’t wait to see who will be there next year.

Thiagi and Leigh Anne Lankford

Bob Pike and Leigh Anne Lankford

If you are ever asked to run for a position on the Greater Atlanta Executive Board I strongly suggest you consider taking the opportunity. Not only for the chance to go to ALC, but also for all the rewarding aspects of serving the learning community.


 How can I get involved?

To get involved in the local ASTD chapter, go to the ASTD Greater Atlanta website and checkout the current volunteer positions. There are also other great organizations where you can get involved all around Atlanta and I encourage you to find the one that is right for you.

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