Consultant Spotlight: Jackie Thompson

Jackie Thompson

November’s Consultant Spotlight is on Jackie Thompson. Jackie always pleases our clients and has been placed with clients by several TrainingPros’ Relationship Managers.


Jackie, you’ve been placed with multiple TrainingPros clients through several Relationship Managers. You receive great feedback from every client and have been able to be extended several times on your current assignment. Do you have any advice for other consultants on how to get this great feedback?


Try to find out as much about the company and it’s culture as possible and make an effort to fit in.  Don’t get involved in office politics and offer recommendations to help improve processes and end products. But remember that the client makes the final decisions about how they want things done – whether you agree with them or not. Be willing to share information and skills with team members and learn from others on teams. Do whatever you can to ensure the work gets done on time, within budget, and at a level of quality that meets or exceeds the client’s expectations.


It has been a rough economy over the last two years but you’ve stayed busy. Do you have any advice for getting a contract to other IDs that are looking?


Network, network, network.  Call your fellow IDs and stay in touch with contacts at previous client locations. When they have work they will think of you and call. Also, periodically search the contractor websites and see what is out there.  Keep your resume current and posted on websites. If people are looking for IDs, make sure they can find you.   


What is most important to you when considering a new contract assignment?


The work and whether or not I will have an opportunity to learn something new.  I like to learn new skills and have work that is interesting and challenging. I also look for flexibility to help keep my life balanced. Rates are important and I also consider the length of the contract.


How do you keep your skills current?


I check the ASTD and ISPI websites for trends and also the contracting websites to find out which skills are in demand – and then I either take classes, talk with other contractors and IDs who use the software to find out about it, or I bite the bullet and buy software so I can learn it. I also try to read articles about training and instructional design and attend ASTD and ISPI meetings to hear what’s new.

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