Learning Tips

In honor of Employee Learning Week, I’ve compiled a list of learning tips from many, many different sources. None of these are original thoughts.

Please feel free to pass these tips on to your employees in honor of Employee Learning Week.

  1. The best ways to learn something is to teach it to someone else.
  2. Put your new knowledge and skills into practice right away to improve retention.
  3. Recognize your personal learning style. Everyone learns in a different way so seek out learning that works with your style.
  4. Taking tests can actually help you better remember what you’ve learned.
  5. Multi-tasking slows down your learning.
  6. The more we stim­u­late our brains, the stronger our thinking~remembering mus­cle becomes.
  7. Our brains process 40 to 60 per­cent visu­ally.
  8. Make a habit of spending at least 15-30 minutes a day learning.
  9. Learn in an environment that makes you feel comfortable.
  10. Find a way to make your learning enjoyable.
  11. Get support from your manager.
  12. Learning something new in a group. Each person will bring a different strength to the learning process.
  13. In your next class, try “active listening”. Intentionally focus on listening and be able to repeat back what you’ve heard in your own words.
  14. Look at images while you are listening. Visual cues can help you understand the learning or interpret the information.
  15. The more you work with the material you are learning, the more confidently you will recall it.
  16. Write down or discuss with your manager what it is you want to learn or how you will use this learning before attending a training program. This will focus your attention during the program.
  17. Try Action Learning – learn something by trying to solve a problem.
  18. Be responsible for your own learning. If a program doesn’t give you all the information you need or want – go find it for yourself!
  19. Learning is for life.
  20. Ask your manager and co-workers to refrain from disturbing you while you are taking an eLearning course. Interruptions will slow your learning.
  21. Make sure you understand the reason you are being asked to learn something.
  22. Dedicate 15 minutes a day to learning something new.

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