Cool Tools for Instructional Designers

I love new tools. It’s fun to try new things and make my deliverables a little more interesting. I’d love to hear about cool tools from other folks – so comment away on this blog. In the meantime, I’ll share my favorite tools with you. I’m not promoting any of these products (with one exception … Continue reading

ISD Professionals: Building a Portfolio

Let’s talk. On average, I interview¬†three consultants per week. I meet each consultant face-to-face and get to know him or her. I read their resume, I talk with them to gauge their personality and I examine their work portfolio……if they have one. I was surprised to learn that many consultants don’t create a portfolio that … Continue reading

Consultant Spotlight: Kim Brundidge

February’s Consultant Spotlight is on Kim Brundidge. Kim regularly works for TrainingPros’ clients and we are happy to keep her busy. She gets great reviews for her excellent work and her great attitude. Here is my interview with Kim: Question:¬† You were recently placed on an assignment with ridiculously short deadlines and an internal team … Continue reading