Do You Send Thank You Notes?

I don’t often re-post other people’s blogs, but I thought this one was a good one that speaks to both consultants going on interviews and those of us that have been adversely affected by the recession. Basically, it’s a reminder that we need to thank the interviewer for his or her time.

As you know, I conduct interviews all the time – and I send people on interviews for consulting jobs. I usually receive an email thank you from 25% of the folks I interview and occasionally receive a thank you note through the mail. (This is more around 1%.) I appreciate the thank yous in any format, but the handwritten notes through the mail leave a lasting impression.

I recently spoke to one of my clients after she had interviewed about eight TrainingPros consultants. She made a point to single out the one consultant in the bunch that sent her a thank you email. (By the way – he got the contract!)

So, if you’re wondering how to get an edge on that great consulting gig – read this blog on sending Thank You notes.

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