Welcome a New Team Member

I’d like everyone to welcome a new person to my team: Michelle Estrada. Michelle has over 15 years’ experience working as an “Organizer of Work Life”.  She began by working in her father’s dental practice while obtaining her BBA from Oglethorpe University.  After starting her career processing claims for a large insurance company she found her true “niche” – organizing people’s work life and managing projects.  Her strengths include process improvement, time management, event planning, and project management.

Michelle obtained an MBA from Oglethorpe University while working full time.  She now spends her time organizing people’s work life while raising two sons.  In addition, she volunteers with the PTA by helping with special events and volunteer coordination.

So what is Michelle going to be doing with me? Basically, she’s going to help me keep in contact with clients, consultants, and prospects. She’s going to help me by troubleshooting any issue that comes up. She’s going to help me with my volunteer work for ASTD. And – she’s going to keep me on track with my projects.

Michelle has just started work but you should start expecting to hear from her soon. Her email address is michelle.estrada@training-pros.com

Welcome Michelle!

And what happened to Carol Rusin? Many of you had the opportunity to work with Carol. Carol did more for me than run the paperwork – she is also a talented learning professional. She’s moving more into an eLearning Developer role and will continue to work with us on projects.

Good luck Carol!

One Response to “Welcome a New Team Member”
  1. Richard Fletcher says:

    Welcome Michelle!

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