mLearning – My Journey to Enlightenment

Mobile learning is the big buzzword these days – but what does that mean for learning departments and instructional designers? To help answer that question, we recently organized two events.

1. First, we put together our annual Executive Roundtable where we discussed mLearning with learning leaders in Atlanta. There was quite a bit of interest in the topic and we had many leaders in attendance. I spoke with several of these leaders and learned that I should expect more mLearning programs to be in company strategies for 2012.

2. Next, to make sure that our talent was prepared for the mLearning push, I asked for any folks interested in mLearning design to raise their hand for a work group. (I posted this on my facebook page: Leighanne’s Learning Notes and I put the topic in my eNewsletter to consultants.) Many people all over the country joined in and worked together. They voted on a group name: mLearning Circle.

The group met via webinar in December 2011 for the first time. We divided the group up into sub-groups based on their interests. Each group was assigned a topic for research. The groups met periodically and deposited their research onto our group dropbox. (If you’re not using dropbox yet – you are missing out!)

In January, we came together in person for a capstone event. Ten of us met in person for a half-day to present and discuss what we found. Each group organized their information and presented it. There was a lot of very enthusiastic discussion during the workshop. There were a lot of demonstrations of tools and theoretical ideas. We discussed the best applications for different products and the best approaches.

We are still communicating with each other consistently about what we find and what we’re experimenting with. We are toying with the idea of presenting at upcoming conferences.

In the next few weeks, I’ll put short mLearning Circle blogs out where I detail out one of my learnings from the workshop. My biggest learning from the overall group is this: Action Learning / Social Learning is very effective.  Everyone learned so much from the mere acts of:

  • Being charged with researching and teaching (Action Learning), and
  • Having colleagues with which to learn and share. (Social Learning)

Leigh Anne Lankford is a Relationship Manager for TrainingPros in the Atlanta market. She provides contract Learning Professionals to corporations on a contract basis. For more information, contact Leighanne at  

One Response to “mLearning – My Journey to Enlightenment”
  1. Jack Massa says:

    Great post, Leigh Anne. Looking forward to more.

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