Fun with InfoGraphics

I recently ran across an article showcasing some free online tools for creating fun InfoGraphics. I decided to play with one per day to see what it would do.

Today’s winner was:  With Wordle, you create those cool word clouds in seconds or minutes. I tried it two ways:

First, I typed in a bunch of words about my company: TrainingPros. I played around with the font, the color scheme, the direction of the text, and voila! I have a word cloud I can use. 

Next, I wanted to try one of the automated tools. You are able to put in a blog address and Wordle will automatically create your word cloud. I used this blog and left the settings “as is”. I did however take out a few words by right clicking on them and selecting “remove word”.  Here’s the result of about 30 seconds of work:

These are not only really cool – but imagine how you can impress your clients with one of these graphics for each of the programs you are designing. What a great intro slide!

Let me know if you try and how you like it.

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