An Honor or a Sales Driver?

Wow!  To my great surprise, I opened my email this afternoon and learned that my LinkedIn Profile is in the top 1% of profiles viewed for 2012.  A lot of questions went through my head – Will there be an awards dinner?  Will I get a plaque? What does this mean for me?

LinkedIn Honor

socialshareAnd lucky me – they offered a great way for me to promote this honor on Twitter and LinkedIn and Facebook! Not to be a bad sport – I complied.

So here’s the real statistic:  LinkedIn has 200,000,000 members. (That’s 200 Million)  If I’m in the top 1% of profiles, then I’m in the top 2,000,000. (top 2 Million)  It’s not quite as high an honor as I’d hoped. So, that means at least 1,999,999 other people got the same email.

If so many of us share this honor – why are they sending this out?  Well, my first guess would be to get us to buy an upgrade on our membership.  For a small monthly fee, you can see exactly who has been viewing your profile. Even if LinkedIn just charges $10 / month for this service it’s a huge money maker.  2,000,000 paying $10 / month…… wow! I wish I’d thought of it!

So – hat’s off to the marketing folks at LinkedIn for thinking up this great campaign!

Leigh Anne Lankford is an instructional designer with more than 21 years’ experience in the field of HRD. She is a Relationship Manager for TrainingPros in Atlanta, working closely with training and development departments of large organizations to identify, attract, and on-board contract employees for very specific and specialized training and development needs. You can reach Leigh Anne at 

One Response to “An Honor or a Sales Driver?”
  1. ileighanne says:

    More great news. I’ve been named a Constant Contact All Star!

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