Survey Results: Virtual vs. Onsite – Part 1

In late December 2013, I posted a survey on a few LinkedIn groups to gather some data about Instructional Designers’ (ID) thoughts on virtual work versus onsite. I did this because I am finding that the consultants increasingly are turning down onsite work. Normally, my surveys get between 50 and 100 respondents  —  this survey received … Continue reading

Excuses for Not Having a Portfolio

As background for anyone that I don’t know – I help contract Instructional Designers find work with clients. Given that role, I meet a LOT of contract instructional designers. I basically sit down once per week and meet them for coffee.  My invitation always includes one thing:  bring your portfolio! Whenever I find a potential … Continue reading

What I Learned Watching “The Job”

Given the current state of the economy and the dismal job outlook for new college grads – a reality show about being unemployed was inevitable. The Job is a reality-competition television series featuring contestants competing in various challenges for a chance to win “a dream job at their dream company”. Given my role in helping consultants find … Continue reading

An Honor or a Sales Driver?

Wow!  To my great surprise, I opened my email this afternoon and learned that my LinkedIn Profile is in the top 1% of profiles viewed for 2012.  A lot of questions went through my head – Will there be an awards dinner?  Will I get a plaque? What does this mean for me? And lucky … Continue reading

What Service Are You Really Providing?

I had an experience recently that was very frustrating but made me think harder about the service I provide as a learning professional. Before I get to the ‘how this applies to us’, let me tell you the story. My Garage Story A friend bought a gift for me. It was a service that installs shelving … Continue reading

Taking On More Than You Can Chew

Ever bite off more than you can chew? Are you like me? Do you see a project and think it sounds like fun – or it sounds like something you can do easily – so you say “yes”. Do you end up with several projects running at once? I’ve noticed that many of us in … Continue reading

Are You on the Cutting Edge or Following the Pack?

I have been helping consultants find positions with clients for several years now and I’ve noticed an interesting trend. A large percentage of consultants only skill-up or get equipped after they have a specific work need.  The reason I find this interesting is two-fold: The consultants with the most up to date skills have more offers … Continue reading

Do You Send Thank You Notes?

I don’t often re-post other people’s blogs, but I thought this one was a good one that speaks to both consultants going on interviews and those of us that have been adversely affected by the recession. Basically, it’s a reminder that we need to thank the interviewer for his or her time. As you know, … Continue reading

ISD Professionals: Building a Portfolio

Let’s talk. On average, I interview three consultants per week. I meet each consultant face-to-face and get to know him or her. I read their resume, I talk with them to gauge their personality and I examine their work portfolio……if they have one. I was surprised to learn that many consultants don’t create a portfolio that … Continue reading

Getting a Great Start on a New Contract

Congratulations! You’ve won the contract. You out-interviewed several other contractors. Now it’s time for the first day on the contract. I’ve seen many consultants do a great job landing the position, only to make mistakes the first week and lose the assignment. First Impression In performance reviews I’m sure many of you have heard of … Continue reading