What I Learned Watching “The Job”

Given the current state of the economy and the dismal job outlook for new college grads – a reality show about being unemployed was inevitable. The Job is a reality-competition television series featuring contestants competing in various challenges for a chance to win “a dream job at their dream company”. Given my role in helping consultants find … Continue reading

Do You Send Thank You Notes?

I don’t often re-post other people’s blogs, but I thought this one was a good one that speaks to both consultants going on interviews and those of us that have been adversely affected by the recession. Basically, it’s a reminder that we need to thank the interviewer for his or her time. As you know, … Continue reading

ISD Professionals: Building a Portfolio

Let’s talk. On average, I interview three consultants per week. I meet each consultant face-to-face and get to know him or her. I read their resume, I talk with them to gauge their personality and I examine their work portfolio……if they have one. I was surprised to learn that many consultants don’t create a portfolio that … Continue reading

You’ve gotten the interview, now what….

Congratulations! TrainingPros or some other staffing agency has called you and asked you to interview with one of their clients. Newer consultants might think that the job is in the bag because their resume is a good match. However, seasoned consultants know that the interview is only an opportunity to “sell” themselves as a perfect … Continue reading