How Wine Tasting and Instructional Design Are Related

This may sound like a stretch of the imagination, but wine tasting and instructional design are now related in my mind.  How you ask?  Just read my wine tasting story below: I attended a wine tasting class recently with one of my longtime friends and fellow instructional designers. (Along with another longtime non-ID friend)  We … Continue reading

Mobile Learning in Atlanta

Last year, I was part of a new group formed in Atlanta called the mLearning Circle. We knew mobile learning was an up and coming platform and wanted to be ahead of the wave. To get started, we met online and brainstormed some different things we wanted to know about mobile learning. We divided these … Continue reading

Learning Cycles of the Flipped Classroom

As promised, I’m posting a quick blog on the Learning Cycles of the Flipped Classroom.  These were provided to me by Sarah Gilbert of meLearning Solutions. She referenced this post with reference to the model: User Generated Education Blog. This model shows the Flipped Classroom as cyclical rather than pre-work followed by an event. The four … Continue reading

Isn’t The Flipped Classroom Just Blended Learning?

I’ve been an instructional designer for a long time. I remember when video was a cutting edge technology. I remember when “CBT” was something only very high financed companies could create and it was delivered on a floppy disc. And I remember incorporating many different delivery media into my designs and calling it “blended learning”. … Continue reading

What Service Are You Really Providing?

I had an experience recently that was very frustrating but made me think harder about the service I provide as a learning professional. Before I get to the ‘how this applies to us’, let me tell you the story. My Garage Story A friend bought a gift for me. It was a service that installs shelving … Continue reading

Has PowerPoint Ruined the Classroom?

If you’re an instructional designer or trainer under the age of 45, there is a strong chance that you’ve never experienced a professional world without PowerPoint. PowerPoint is the central point of all classroom training. ….at least for the last 15+ years. But it wasn’t always that way. At my first job in training, no … Continue reading

Taking On More Than You Can Chew

Ever bite off more than you can chew? Are you like me? Do you see a project and think it sounds like fun – or it sounds like something you can do easily – so you say “yes”. Do you end up with several projects running at once? I’ve noticed that many of us in … Continue reading

SME Review Cycle – Does the SME’s Role Matter?

As part of my continuing blog posts on SME Review Cycles, I’m now ready to take on whether or not the SME’s role matters in the review. My initial guess would be “yes” – but I did a large linked in survey to find out what others thought. If you’re somewhat new to instructional design, … Continue reading

SME Review Cycle – Does Content Type Matter?

A couple of months ago, I wrote a blog highlighting a portion of the results of an extensive LinkedIn Survey I conducted on Subject Matter Expert Reviews:  SME Review Cycle – Scheduling Duration.  I conducted this survey because I couldn’t find any real data on the best way to schedule for SME reviews.  Not surprisingly, … Continue reading

Five Crimes Against PowerPoint

This post was originally posted on October 18, 2011 at this location. I was a guest blogger last year and, as it turns out, the post was quite popular. This is being re-posted with the permission of ABR. Stop PowerPoint Abuse! Five Crimes Against PowerPoint  PowerPoint has been getting bad press for years. I’ve heard … Continue reading