Mobile Learning in Atlanta

Last year, I was part of a new group formed in Atlanta called the mLearning Circle. We knew mobile learning was an up and coming platform and wanted to be ahead of the wave. To get started, we met online and brainstormed some different things we wanted to know about mobile learning. We divided these … Continue reading

Has PowerPoint Ruined the Classroom?

If you’re an instructional designer or trainer under the age of 45, there is a strong chance that you’ve never experienced a professional world without PowerPoint. PowerPoint is the central point of all classroom training. ….at least for the last 15+ years. But it wasn’t always that way. At my first job in training, no … Continue reading

Five Crimes Against PowerPoint

This post was originally posted on October 18, 2011 at this location. I was a guest blogger last year and, as it turns out, the post was quite popular. This is being re-posted with the permission of ABR. Stop PowerPoint Abuse! Five Crimes Against PowerPoint  PowerPoint has been getting bad press for years. I’ve heard … Continue reading

Radio Interview with Tom Kuhlmann

Recently at Training 2012 in Atlanta, TrainingPros was fortunate enough to have a radio interview with uber-blogger: Tom Kuhlmann. If you have not heard of Tom Kuhlmann yet then you are one of 3 or 4 people in the learning community in that club. Tom has a blog with a following of around 90,000 people … Continue reading

Fun with InfoGraphics

I recently ran across an article showcasing some free online tools for creating fun InfoGraphics. I decided to play with one per day to see what it would do. Today’s winner was:  With Wordle, you create those cool word clouds in seconds or minutes. I tried it two ways: First, I typed in a … Continue reading

mLearning – My Journey to Enlightenment

Mobile learning is the big buzzword these days – but what does that mean for learning departments and instructional designers? To help answer that question, we recently organized two events. 1. First, we put together our annual Executive Roundtable where we discussed mLearning with learning leaders in Atlanta. There was quite a bit of interest … Continue reading

SME Meetings: Productive or Frustrating?

It’s a story as old as Instructional Design. You are provided an expert on a topic to be your Subject Matter Expert (SME). You set up the all-important first meeting with your SME to ask basic questions to determine the scope. You prepare your questions in advance. You read everything you can ahead of time. … Continue reading

Another Cool Tool for Instructional Design

OK – I have lots of tools I love to use for Instructional Design, (see my Cool Tools blog) but over the last year I’ve really learned to depend on one in particular. It’s not one that is designed just for ISD, it’s not free, but it really saves me so much time. So what is … Continue reading