Mobile Learning in Atlanta

Last year, I was part of a new group formed in Atlanta called the mLearning Circle. We knew mobile learning was an up and coming platform and wanted to be ahead of the wave. To get started, we met online and brainstormed some different things we wanted to know about mobile learning. We divided these … Continue reading

Audience Analysis and Mobile Learning

If you’ve studied instructional design at all, you’re familiar with the term Audience Analysis. It’s a formal step in the “A” part of ADDIE. Things to consider in your Audience Analysis include: Basic demographics of your learner Their cognitive characteristics such as education level, reading level, etc… Job roles, work responsibilities, etc…. Ability to attend … Continue reading

mLearning – My Journey to Enlightenment

Mobile learning is the big buzzword these days – but what does that mean for learning departments and instructional designers? To help answer that question, we recently organized two events. 1. First, we put together our annual Executive Roundtable where we discussed mLearning with learning leaders in Atlanta. There was quite a bit of interest … Continue reading

Plan Your 2012 Conference Calendar

Once again, it’s time to see where the “big” conferences will be this year. Get out your yearly planner and your employee development plans and start scheduling! ASTD 2012 TechKnowledge In Las Vegas, Nevada, January 25 – 27, 2012, ASTD will welcome more than 1,200 people who focus their daily attention on the design and … Continue reading

How Can You Use A QR Code in Learning?

OK – I’m one of those people that loves to check out the latest, greatest technology trends early. I don’t know if that makes me a geek or a trend-setter. The latest thing I’ve been seeing is the QR Code. They are everywhere – advertisements, t-shirts, newspapers, websites, business cards…. I have to wonder how … Continue reading