The Power of (Good) PowerPoint

If you follow my blog, you know that I often write about bad PowerPoint and how to make it better. I also write about the damage that is done by bad PowerPoint design. In a new twist on an old topic – this post is about a positive outcome of using PowerPoint correctly. Some Background … Continue reading

Has PowerPoint Ruined the Classroom?

If you’re an instructional designer or trainer under the age of 45, there is a strong chance that you’ve never experienced a professional world without PowerPoint. PowerPoint is the central point of all classroom training. ….at least for the last 15+ years. But it wasn’t always that way. At my first job in training, no … Continue reading

Five Crimes Against PowerPoint

This post was originally posted on October 18, 2011 at this location. I was a guest blogger last year and, as it turns out, the post was quite popular. This is being re-posted with the permission of ABR. Stop PowerPoint Abuse! Five Crimes Against PowerPoint  PowerPoint has been getting bad press for years. I’ve heard … Continue reading

It’s Just A Draft….

We know that our final product has to be perfect. All the i’s must be dotted and all the t’s must be crossed. The pictures must be sized perfectly and placed on the slide correctly. The document must be spell-checked. …but what about the first draft? Take a moment and think about this through the … Continue reading

Fun with InfoGraphics

I recently ran across an article showcasing some free online tools for creating fun InfoGraphics. I decided to play with one per day to see what it would do. Today’s winner was:  With Wordle, you create those cool word clouds in seconds or minutes. I tried it two ways: First, I typed in a … Continue reading

Are Your Slides a Sleep-Aid?

We’ve all been in these meetings. The presenter shows up with a deck loaded with bullet points. Maybe the font is too small to read. Maybe it’s just after lunch. Maybe the room is warm. Put all of these factors together and you find yourself fighting to keep your eyelids open. As a training professional, … Continue reading