SME Review Cycle – Does the SME’s Role Matter?

As part of my continuing blog posts on SME Review Cycles, I’m now ready to take on whether or not the SME’s role matters in the review. My initial guess would be “yes” – but I did a large linked in survey to find out what others thought. If you’re somewhat new to instructional design, … Continue reading

SME Review Cycle – Does Content Type Matter?

A couple of months ago, I wrote a blog highlighting a portion of the results of an extensive LinkedIn Survey I conducted on Subject Matter Expert Reviews:  SME Review Cycle – Scheduling Duration.  I conducted this survey because I couldn’t find any real data on the best way to schedule for SME reviews.  Not surprisingly, … Continue reading

SME Review Cycle – Scheduling Duration

Recently I tried researching a question for instructional design project planning. After several different types of searches including trying the ERIC database through a student friend, I realized that there was no real research on this subject. I also realized that if I needed this information, someone else might need it too. I proceeded to … Continue reading

SME Meetings: Productive or Frustrating?

It’s a story as old as Instructional Design. You are provided an expert on a topic to be your Subject Matter Expert (SME). You set up the all-important first meeting with your SME to ask basic questions to determine the scope. You prepare your questions in advance. You read everything you can ahead of time. … Continue reading

Formative Evaluations: 4 Types of Feedback

As an instructional designer, you depend completely on your subject matter experts and others to review what you’ve put together and give you feedback. But, how often do your reviews go awry? For example, you are able to secure the top expert in the area of widget design. You are designing a course on the … Continue reading