Improving My Brain Power

I recently attended a training class on a totally unrelated subject. In the class, they discussed how you can continue improving your brain into old age (and I mean old!) by using brain building activities. One activity that was suggested was Luminosity. Up until that point, I had ignored the commercials I’d seen for Lumosity. … Continue reading

mLearning – My Journey to Enlightenment

Mobile learning is the big buzzword these days – but what does that mean for learning departments and instructional designers? To help answer that question, we recently organized two events. 1. First, we put together our annual Executive Roundtable where we discussed mLearning with learning leaders in Atlanta. There was quite a bit of interest … Continue reading

I’m a Guest Blogger!

Have you ever been invited to be a guest blogger? I was invited last month by Accelerated Business Results to write one of their blog entries. It was a fun experience and gave me some new exposure. See my blog entry here.  I am also looking for guest bloggers in areas of Learning and Development … Continue reading

Are You on the Cutting Edge or Following the Pack?

I have been helping consultants find positions with clients for several years now and I’ve noticed an interesting trend. A large percentage of consultants only skill-up or get equipped after they have a specific work need.  The reason I find this interesting is two-fold: The consultants with the most up to date skills have more offers … Continue reading

Are Your Slides a Sleep-Aid?

We’ve all been in these meetings. The presenter shows up with a deck loaded with bullet points. Maybe the font is too small to read. Maybe it’s just after lunch. Maybe the room is warm. Put all of these factors together and you find yourself fighting to keep your eyelids open. As a training professional, … Continue reading