Mobile Learning in Atlanta

Last year, I was part of a new group formed in Atlanta called the mLearning Circle. We knew mobile learning was an up and coming platform and wanted to be ahead of the wave. To get started, we met online and brainstormed some different things we wanted to know about mobile learning. We divided these … Continue reading

Excuses for Not Having a Portfolio

As background for anyone that I don’t know – I help contract Instructional Designers find work with clients. Given that role, I meet a LOT of contract instructional designers. I basically sit down once per week and meet them for coffee.  My invitation always includes one thing:  bring your portfolio! Whenever I find a potential … Continue reading

Improving My Brain Power

I recently attended a training class on a totally unrelated subject. In the class, they discussed how you can continue improving your brain into old age (and I mean old!) by using brain building activities. One activity that was suggested was Luminosity. Up until that point, I had ignored the commercials I’d seen for Lumosity. … Continue reading

What I Learned Watching “The Job”

Given the current state of the economy and the dismal job outlook for new college grads – a reality show about being unemployed was inevitable. The Job is a reality-competition television series featuring contestants competing in various challenges for a chance to win “a dream job at their dream company”. Given my role in helping consultants find … Continue reading

An Honor or a Sales Driver?

Wow!  To my great surprise, I opened my email this afternoon and learned that my LinkedIn Profile is in the top 1% of profiles viewed for 2012.  A lot of questions went through my head – Will there be an awards dinner?  Will I get a plaque? What does this mean for me? And lucky … Continue reading

Learning Cycles of the Flipped Classroom

As promised, I’m posting a quick blog on the Learning Cycles of the Flipped Classroom.  These were provided to me by Sarah Gilbert of meLearning Solutions. She referenced this post with reference to the model: User Generated Education Blog. This model shows the Flipped Classroom as cyclical rather than pre-work followed by an event. The four … Continue reading

Plan Your 2013 Conference Schedule

Once again, it’s time to see where the “big” conferences will be this year. Get out your yearly planner and your employee development plans and start scheduling! ASTD 2013 TeckKnowledge In San Jose, California, January 30 – February 1, 2013, ASTD 2013 TechKnowledge® Conference & Exposition will welcome you along with more than 1,200 others … Continue reading

Isn’t The Flipped Classroom Just Blended Learning?

I’ve been an instructional designer for a long time. I remember when video was a cutting edge technology. I remember when “CBT” was something only very high financed companies could create and it was delivered on a floppy disc. And I remember incorporating many different delivery media into my designs and calling it “blended learning”. … Continue reading

What Service Are You Really Providing?

I had an experience recently that was very frustrating but made me think harder about the service I provide as a learning professional. Before I get to the ‘how this applies to us’, let me tell you the story. My Garage Story A friend bought a gift for me. It was a service that installs shelving … Continue reading

The Self-Aware Leader

In October, my company was fortunate enough to host a lecture and book signing for Atlanta-area learning and development professionals. Dan Gallagher – author, learning executive, and leader – discussed his most recent book The Self-Aware Leader (ASTD, 2012).  We’ve all read plenty of leadership books but this book has a handful of interesting unique … Continue reading