Survey Results: Virtual vs. Onsite – Part 2

If you missed the first installment of this survey report, you can read it here.  In the last blog, I covered the first three questions from my survey: Is working in an office is a distraction, or do you prefer to work in an office with colleagues? Which benefit of working virtually is more important … Continue reading

Survey Results: Virtual vs. Onsite – Part 1

In late December 2013, I posted a survey on a few LinkedIn groups to gather some data about Instructional Designers’ (ID) thoughts on virtual work versus onsite. I did this because I am finding that the consultants increasingly are turning down onsite work. Normally, my surveys get between 50 and 100 respondents  —  this survey received … Continue reading

Excuses for Not Having a Portfolio

As background for anyone that I don’t know – I help contract Instructional Designers find work with clients. Given that role, I meet a LOT of contract instructional designers. I basically sit down once per week and meet them for coffee.  My invitation always includes one thing:  bring your portfolio! Whenever I find a potential … Continue reading

What Service Are You Really Providing?

I had an experience recently that was very frustrating but made me think harder about the service I provide as a learning professional. Before I get to the ‘how this applies to us’, let me tell you the story. My Garage Story A friend bought a gift for me. It was a service that installs shelving … Continue reading

Consultant Appreciation Month – May 2012

I want to thank all the great consultants that work with TrainingPros. One of the ways I try to show my appreciation is by offering “Consultant Appreciation Month” each May. I wish I could give out prizes to everyone in our Talent Pool – but that would break the bank. Instead, I randomly draw names … Continue reading

Another Cool Tool for Instructional Design

OK – I have lots of tools I love to use for Instructional Design, (see my Cool Tools blog) but over the last year I’ve really learned to depend on one in particular. It’s not one that is designed just for ISD, it’s not free, but it really saves me so much time. So what is … Continue reading

Consultant Spotlight – Jim Ehlers

I wanted to feature a spotlight on a consultant in the OD field this month. Therefore for January, the spotlight is on Jim Ehlers. Jim has been a professional in the OD field for decades – before most of us ever heard of OD. Here is my interview with Jim: Question: You are an OD … Continue reading

2010 – A Look Back

As most of us do, I like to take a look back around the New Year to see what I accomplished and maybe take a look at what I’d like to do for 2011. The following is a look at the services provided to clients, consultants, and the learning community with the help of TrainingPros. It … Continue reading

Consultant Spotlight: Mona Houston

October’s Consultant Spotlight features Mona Houston. Mona has been a TrainingPros consultant for three years and stays very busy. Question: You are always up to date on eLearning platforms. This makes you a better match for most eLearning design positions. How do you stay up to date? Answer: I think it is very important to … Continue reading