Survey Results: Virtual vs. Onsite – Part 1

In late December 2013, I posted a survey on a few LinkedIn groups to gather some data about Instructional Designers’ (ID) thoughts on virtual work versus onsite. I did this because I am finding that the consultants increasingly are turning down onsite work. Normally, my surveys get between 50 and 100 respondents  —  this survey received … Continue reading

Excuses for Not Having a Portfolio

As background for anyone that I don’t know – I help contract Instructional Designers find work with clients. Given that role, I meet a LOT of contract instructional designers. I basically sit down once per week and meet them for coffee.  My invitation always includes one thing:  bring your portfolio! Whenever I find a potential … Continue reading

Consultant Spotlight: Mona Houston

October’s Consultant Spotlight features Mona Houston. Mona has been a TrainingPros consultant for three years and stays very busy. Question: You are always up to date on eLearning platforms. This makes you a better match for most eLearning design positions. How do you stay up to date? Answer: I think it is very important to … Continue reading