Survey Results: Virtual vs. Onsite – Part 1

In late December 2013, I posted a survey on a few LinkedIn groups to gather some data about Instructional Designers’ (ID) thoughts on virtual work versus onsite. I did this because I am finding that the consultants increasingly are turning down onsite work. Normally, my surveys get between 50 and 100 respondents  —  this survey received … Continue reading

SME Review Cycle – Does Content Type Matter?

A couple of months ago, I wrote a blog highlighting a portion of the results of an extensive LinkedIn Survey I conducted on Subject Matter Expert Reviews:  SME Review Cycle – Scheduling Duration.  I conducted this survey because I couldn’t find any real data on the best way to schedule for SME reviews.  Not surprisingly, … Continue reading

SME Review Cycle – Scheduling Duration

Recently I tried researching a question for instructional design project planning. After several different types of searches including trying the ERIC database through a student friend, I realized that there was no real research on this subject. I also realized that if I needed this information, someone else might need it too. I proceeded to … Continue reading

Another Cool Tool for Instructional Design

OK – I have lots of tools I love to use for Instructional Design, (see my Cool Tools blog) but over the last year I’ve really learned to depend on one in particular. It’s not one that is designed just for ISD, it’s not free, but it really saves me so much time. So what is … Continue reading

Consultant Spotlight: Kim Brundidge

February’s Consultant Spotlight is on Kim Brundidge. Kim regularly works for TrainingPros’ clients and we are happy to keep her busy. She gets great reviews for her excellent work and her great attitude. Here is my interview with Kim: Question:  You were recently placed on an assignment with ridiculously short deadlines and an internal team … Continue reading